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      Tanzania Safari

      January 17, 2019

      03days Mount Meru Climb And Hike

      The best choice for acclimatization prior to Mount Kilimanjaro climbing; The Mountain is the third highest peak in Africa and is the second highest mountain in Tanzania at 4,568m.
      January 17, 2019

      06days/05nights Kilimanjaro Marangu Route

      The "Coca Cola" or "tourist" route. This is the only route on Kilimanjaro with the comforts of solar-powered sleeping huts and comfortable beds at every camp,
      January 17, 2019

      07days/06nights Kilimanjaro Rongai Route

      The unique Rongai Route known to be more scenic than the Marangu Route, easier than the Machame Route and the success rate on the Rongai is very high.
      January 17, 2019

      06days/05nights Kilimanjaro Machame Route

      We lead treks up the Machame, a beautiful route up Kilimanjaro that allows you to experience the southwest and south sides of the mountain
      January 17, 2019

      Udzungwa Mountains – Hiking Trip

      With no roads entering Udzungwa National Park it is a paradise for hikers and backpackers alike. One beautiful trek is up to the Sanje River Waterfall
      January 17, 2019

      2 Nights / 3 Days Lake Natron

      OLDONYO LENGAI: Trekking this volcanic active mountain takes place at night. Ascending starts at 00:00 they get to the top at 6:00am.Descending
      January 17, 2019

      04days/03nights Bagamoyo & Saadani

      Saadani National Park lies in the center of the historical triangle of Bagamoyo, Pangani, and Zanzibar, and it is one of the least known of all Tanzania's national parks.
      January 17, 2019

      03days/02nights Safari To Saadani National Park

      Sadaani National Park is the only park where you can encounter some of the larger species of wildlife while wandering along a sandy beach.
      January 17, 2019

      06days Lake Tanganyika Safari

      Lake Tanganyika is the second deepest and, by volume, the second largest lake in the world. It lies in four countries' territories
      January 17, 2019

      Gombe Stream National Park – 05days Chimpanzee Trekking

      Gombe Stream National Park, located on the western border of Tanzania and the Congo, is most famous for Jane Goodall
      January 17, 2019

      04days Chimpanzee Tracking

      Mahale Mountains National Park is situated in West Tanzania south of Kgoma town. Mahale borders Lake Tanganyika
      January 17, 2019

      Discover Iconic Katavi National Park

      Only a few visitors who travel in Africa ever breach to Katavi, perhaps the most inaccessible and unspoiled wildlife haven to visit on an untouched tour of Tanzania with AfricanMecca.